Finding a Goldmine

Last year, I went on an alternative winter break to volunteer for the homeless in the city which I can honestly say has contributed to my habit of remembering to be grateful for what I have. Right now we’re getting our upstairs full bathroom redone (we never got to move last year so we decided to just work on the house right now little by little—but that’s another story for another time!) so we currently only have a half bathroom at home. Read More


The Last 12

Today, I signed up for my last 12 undergraduate credits: Trends and Practical Applications in Information Systems Management…and then German I and Italian I 😂 I had room for two electives and I thought those two may be helpful down the road 😉 Read More

When the Line is Too Long

My sister and I went to a local bakery the other day after finding out about their special shaved-ice dessert. While we were in line to order, a small woman behind us started a conversation with us… Read More

Hello, my name is Chloe.

If you’re new, welcome to my blog! If you’ve been here before, well…you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve pretty much changed a few things, including deleting my old posts from when I started this blog last year.

I wanted to start over (I know, again, but to be fair I warned you all about the possibility of me doing this), so here’s me starting over.

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My First INternship

You know that feeling when it’s the last day at camp? When you’re all in that one room hugging, taking last-minute photos, and saying good-bye to each other while your parents are carrying your bags, waiting for you to finish so you can go back on your way home? But then you don’t want to leave the friends that you’ve met and bonded with for weeks through muddy clothing, late-night talks, and itchy mosquito bites? Sure there’s email, phone calls, and heck, even nowadays we have countless social medias to choose from! But knowing it wouldn’t be the same waking up the next morning at home without doing the regular camp responsibilities, participating in team-building activities, and learning new things all while laughing and making fun of each other with banters and inside jokes is absolutely the most bittersweet feeling in the world. Bitter because it ended, but sweet because it happened—do you know that feeling?

That’s what my last day interning for tech-support felt like. During the last few hours of my [extended] IT Summer 2016 INternship with my first Discovery family, I felt like a little kid on her last day of camp, and boy it was definitely bittersweet.

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On A Rainy Day

It was raining quite a bit last Wednesday morning and as I was rushing out the door, it didn’t even occur to me to bring an umbrella (or at least a jacket with a hood on it). I got in line to board the train and usually, it takes a couple of minutes to wait for the passengers who have to get off at this stop to board off the train. I felt the droplets of rain land on my head as I peeked over the front of the line, hoping we would be able to board soon before I get soaking wet or worse, catch a cold. It wasn’t long before I noticed the raindrops stopped trickling down my hair. Confused, I turned around to see a beautifully aged elderly woman looking at me with the most gentle smile as half her umbrella hovered over my head. Immensely grateful, I say “thank you” and she returns the warmest and most genuine “you’re welcome” I’ve heard in such a long time.  Read More

The Optimist Commuter

I’m 20 years-old and I don’t have a driver’s license. Yes, really. I know, I know… I really should get one. Most teens nowadays are ecstatic to get their license at 16 years old while there’s me over there in the corner lacking all means of motivation to get one. As much as I’d like to blame my nonchalant attitude when it comes to driving, Read More

10 Things I Learned In My First Two Years of College

Yesterday, we dropped off my younger brother at his university for move-in day. It was crazy to think that (me being two years older than my brother) two years had already gone by since I started my own college journey. Now of course, my college experience is definitely going to be different from my brother’s, but hey, everyone’s college experience will be different.

Since this week comes most people’s first day in college (what up freshmen!), I decided to write about, in no particular order, the 10 things I learned in my first two years of college that I believe are important and play a huge role in my life today.

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Posse Interview

I was on my way to get a chocolate chip cookie this evening when I heard a bunch of yelling and shouting in the hallway…  Read More