After over 2,200 of my almost daily posts on Instagram, with many of them containing captions of more than 150 words, I realized how much I loved to write about life—from the simple, little joys to the big and memorable events. Inspired by my Instagram account name, kurroe.com was created to allow me to extend my creative side and express my love of writing and taking photos.

I am a 21 year-old living in the northeast side of the US. I speak fluent English and Tagalog and I am attempting to learn (and becoming someday fluent in?) French. I graduated with an associate’s degree in Information Systems in Spring 2016 and I’m currently continuing my higher education to get a bachelors as an Information Systems Management major. Right now, I am working as a project analyst for a media and entertainment company, learning more about the technology field everyday. Aside my desire to utilize technology as a positive and creative influence, I love to doodle and design (although I certainly wish I had more time to dedicate myself to these) and I hope to one day travel to the many beautiful and exotic locations on earth.

Overall, I’m just person trying to figure out the mysteries of the adult world and experience the beauty hiding behind its hardships. And like any other, I only aspire to live a life filled with gratitude, inspiration, and joy.


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