Finding a Goldmine

Last year, I went on an alternative winter break to volunteer for the homeless in the city which I can honestly say has contributed to my habit of remembering to be grateful for what I have. Right now we’re getting our upstairs full bathroom redone (we never got to move last year so we decided to just work on the house right now little by little—but that’s another story for another time!) so we currently only have a half bathroom at home.

Honestly, I’ve gotten so comfortable I forgot what an absolute privilege it is to have easy access to a bathroom—clean running water (with HOT water to be specific), a sink, a toilet, and a shower/bathtub. Last year when speaking to some of the women at the shelters, one thing they expressed to me that stuck was how finding a place to shower, using the toilet, the sink, etc. comfortably was like, and I quote, “finding a goldmine”–especially for the times they’d be on their period. My dad set up a temporary portable shower outside and I caught myself whining earlier how difficult it’s going to be to “shower” in the morning. Then I remembered all that I’ve learned early January last year.

Not having a working bathroom for a week isn’t comparable to anything some other people out there experience. I guess this is just a little reminder for myself (and you of course if you’re reading this) to be grateful for what you have—even the simplest of things—because honestly, we have more than enough.