When the Line is Too Long

My sister and I went to a local bakery the other day after finding out about their special shaved-ice dessert. While we were in line to order, a small woman behind us started a conversation with us……since the line was taking so long (they only had one worker serving the line during lunch rush). We ended up telling her we initially came here to try their shaved ice dessert and she mentioned to us the best shaved ice she’s had was from none other than Yamitsuki, a Japanese restaurant in PA my sister and I have recently visited (and absolutely LOVED) from our last trip together a couple weeks ago. She told us she actually is friends with the owner and that once you’ve had their shaved ice, everything else you try after won’t compare 😂

Her name was Kim and she ended up telling us more about herself, such as how many kids she has (and how many more she wants) and how she double majored in neuroscience and art history (but ended up starting her own finance company based in PA instead after realizing the research life was not for her).

Long story short, we ended up networking and we now have a new connection with someone in Philly should we ever visit again! She was so wonderful and welcoming—can you just imagine how many people we let pass us by, people we miss getting to know simply because we didn’t start a conversation with them? Kim was just a kind little Asian woman behind us while we were waiting in line to order our shaved ice dessert! How crazy is that? I have to learn to pick up fruitful conversations with people I don’t know more often. Our world honestly doesn’t have to be filled with strangers.