21 Facts About Me

I know, I know. Exactly how many times have I started this blog over? Probably a lot. More than I should’ve. Three times to be exact. But hey, third time’s a charm.

This time, it’s real and to prove it to you—as a 21 year-old attempting to capture my life before I get any older—here are 21 facts about me:

1.) I made the name “kurroe” with the intentions of it being pronounced “ku-roh-ee” (sort of like the Japanese pronunciation of my name, Chloe), but people started called it “ku-roe” and I kind of just accepted it.

2.) Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flowers.

3.) Yet, I’ve never been to a sunflower field (don’t worry friends it’s on the bucket list!).

4.) I also really love pigs—rooted from a life-sized pig stuffed toy I got when I was super young (8 years old) that I still call to this day (yes I still have him), “Mr. Piggy.”

5.) Strawberry is my go-to and favorite ice-cream flavor.

6.) But alas, my favorite fruit happens to be the Japanese persimmon!

7.) Autumn is my most favorite season.

8.) Which is mainly why I never want to move away from the East Coast.

9.) Ironically enough, I’m currently in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend who moved to the West Coast for college (and of course, I’m patiently awaiting his return).

10.) I do more traveling than I realize. Not international traveling (not now at least) but I still get to visit lots of different places often!

11.) I LOVE taking pictures and I’m always that annoying one with the camera. But I have no shame in it because it’s my hobby and something I love to do.

12.) I don’t consider myself a photographer. I’m simply a “photo-taker.” Calling myself a photographer, I feel, would undermine real photographers who have spent time learning and appreciating real photography techniques, concepts, and terms.

13.) Most of my photos on here are taken with my Sony RX100 Mark III camera, a gift I got myself before my first trip to Boston, MA!

14.) For some reason I still do not know, I don’t get bit by mosquitoes.

15.) I still don’t know what my blood type is (but maybe it’s correlated?!)

16.) I work as an IT analyst…an amateur, super entry-level, IT analyst. I transitioned to my position after interning for a few months and I have been learning on the job since I got hired full-time.

17.) I haven’t gotten my bachelor’s degree yet but I’m expecting to graduate spring 2018 with a degree in Information Systems Management!!!

18.) I don’t like to be stingy with money—and it all works out because from what I experienced, everything you give, you get back ten fold.

19.) I like to be a positive person and I strongly believe happiness and joy comes from gratitude.

20.) I’m Catholic and words cannot express how grateful I am for all the blessings God has given and continues to give me.

21.) I’m 21 years old and since I’m past my second decade of life, I wanted to record everything that will happen from now on this official blog of mine so I have something to look back to when I’m older. This blog is intended to be for me, to help capture my growth, nurture my love for writing and taking photos, and to overall be my personal creative outlet. However, I hope that when people stumble upon it, it will leave them inspired, curious, and with a little dose of happiness.