My sister.

She is small, quiet, and fragile. There are days she is dormant and there are seasons she blooms. She is dependent—to be nurtured with water and sun to grow. But she is rooted. And in her peak she blossoms. She contributes, and of course, she is beautiful.

Here’s me describing my sister metaphorically. Because in all honesty, she truly is like a plant. I love my sister 🤗 Anyway, here are photos of her mint plants—she takes really good care of them. The ones that Rose gave her started blooming flowers! 😭 I was doing homework when I passed by these in the kitchen and I couldn’t help but take my camera out to take photos of them (the way the sun was shining on it was too darn pretty!).

I wish I can take care of plants like she and my mother could but I have troubles keeping even bamboo alive and they’re some of the easiest plants to have 😂 OH and by the way. These photos are unfiltered. My usual filter for my current feed washes away a lot of the green in photos and these were just so beautiful I couldn’t possibly take away from that.

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! ❤️