Lost little boy.

On our way to get ice-cream, we saw a little boy with a police officer, making it pretty clear that the boy was lost. Obviously we couldn’t do anything about it but it made me sad to know a 5 (7?) year old kid was separated from his family at a beach filled with hundreds of people. Luckily a police officer found him (or vice versa).

When we finished getting our ice-cream, we walked back and at the same spot we saw the police and little boy, I saw a scene that literally warmed my heart.

There was the police, the little boy, and his mama, hugging her little boy so tight. There were a few other family members surrounding them, faces showing relief but with leftover signs of distress and tears from the nightmare they were [most likely] experiencing beforehand.

I can’t even fathom what the mother was feeling—the thought of losing your child on a day that was intended to be a fun vacation. She literally did not let go of him the whole time. As beautiful as the moment was I hope it never happens to another family again. But really, a mother’s love is truly beautiful. 😌❤️

…Oh, and my ice-cream? Strawberry cheesecake and it was so freaking delicious.