My sister.

She is small, quiet, and fragile. There are days she is dormant and there are seasons she blooms. She is dependent—to be nurtured with water and sun to grow. But she is rooted. And in her peak she blossoms. She contributes, and of course, she is beautiful.

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Lost little boy.

On our way to get ice-cream, we saw a little boy with a police officer, making it pretty clear that the boy was lost. Obviously we couldn’t do anything about it but it made me sad to know a 5 (7?) year old kid was separated from his family at a beach filled with hundreds of people. Luckily a police officer found him (or vice versa).

When we finished getting our ice-cream, we walked back and at the same spot we saw the police and little boy, I saw a scene that literally warmed my heart.

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Life filtered. 

Because of what I post on Instagram, I’ve had a few people tell me how fun my life is, how happy my family looks, how cool my job is, etc…you get the point.

As much as I’d like to say what I capture in photos is a perfect reflection of my real life, *surprise, surprise* it’s not.

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Hello, my name is Chloe.

If you’re new, welcome to my blog! If you’ve been here before, well…you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve pretty much changed a few things, including deleting my old posts from when I started this blog last year.

I wanted to start over (I know, again, but to be fair I warned you all about the possibility of me doing this), so here’s me starting over.

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