My First INternship

You know that feeling when it’s the last day at camp? When you’re all in that one room hugging, taking last-minute photos, and saying good-bye to each other while your parents are carrying your bags, waiting for you to finish so you can go back on your way home? But then you don’t want to leave the friends that you’ve met and bonded with for weeks through muddy clothing, late-night talks, and itchy mosquito bites? Sure there’s email, phone calls, and heck, even nowadays we have countless social medias to choose from! But knowing it wouldn’t be the same waking up the next morning at home without doing the regular camp responsibilities, participating in team-building activities, and learning new things all while laughing and making fun of each other with banters and inside jokes is absolutely the most bittersweet feeling in the world. Bitter because it ended, but sweet because it happened—do you know that feeling?

That’s what my last day interning for tech-support felt like. During the last few hours of my [extended] IT Summer 2016 INternship with my first Discovery family, I felt like a little kid on her last day of camp, and boy it was definitely bittersweet.

When I applied for the Summer 2016 INternship earlier last year in March, I didn’t expect a lot. I mean, this is the widely known Discovery Communications, home of the Discovery Channel, Animal Plant, TLC, Science Channel, Investigation Discovery, OWN and many, many more. What are my chances after over hundreds of other people applying for the same opportunity? After I found out that I passed the first round, dumbfounded, I performed in their “online interview” and I expected even less (I definitely didn’t do as great as I hoped I would okay). But surprisingly I got a call from a manager (guess I wasn’t so horrendous in the videos!) and within a few minutes, I had to clear my schedule on June 1, 2016 for the internship orientation and my first day as an IT intern.

Fast-forward 6 months later and here I am, now looking back at everything as a past experience rather than a current one. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have experienced working with everyone.

The me, who experienced anxiety attacks (not an over statement or exaggeration by the way) when something went wrong with my computer thinking “what am I going to do?” now reacts more confidently it the mindset “how can I fix this?”

I learned so much during my 6 months there.

Some of the things that I learned IT-wise included:

  • Emailing people professionally in a corporate environment
  • Learning the whole IT “ticketing system”
  • IT Training for new employees
  • “Refreshing” an employee’s old laptop to a new one
  • Data transfers
  • Providing tech support on site, on phone, in chat, through email, etc.
  • Learning how to use the Mac OS and Windows 10
  • Taking apart laptops and computers and changing RAM, batteries, hard drives, etc.
  • Imaging lots (and I do mean lots) of new computers
  • Asset management and inventory
  • Installation process of company software
  • Answering phone calls and speaking properly
  • Installing monitors/docking stations
  • A lil’ bit of coding
  • How the TechKnow Bar works
  • How IT projects are coordinated, planned, and executed
  • Fortifying customer service skills
  • Patience, lots and lots and lots of patience
  • Understanding laughter and a little joking around is necessary as it can get pretty stressful at times

And many, many, MANY more.

Words can’t express my gratitude from experiencing this internship. I spent 6 months with some of the most inspiring and hard-working people who did nothing but motivate me to continue to work hard and achieve my goals.  Even more important, I made some really good friends along the way.

On my last day I couldn’t help but reflect on how much more confident I’ve become, not just with IT-related issues, but overall fortifying my rapport-building, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

I left the building with a smile on my face.

Although I will be back this spring, I will be with a different team. Right before my first internship ended I was offered another internship (in the same department) but this time under business analysis/project management—closer to my career goal and major. As much as it broke my heart to leave the team to work for another, I understood it was important for me to take advantage of opened doors and new opportunities whenever they pass by.

I left with a heavy but fond heart—I promised them I would work hard in my new internship as I am a reflection of everyone who trained/worked with me.

God is so good. I thank Him for giving me the chance to improve and grow with every experience I encounter.

Until then, I’ll continue to do my best in whatever life throws at me. I know I won’t be perfect but hey, I’ll definitely give it my best effort.