On A Rainy Day

It was raining quite a bit last Wednesday morning and as I was rushing out the door, it didn’t even occur to me to bring an umbrella (or at least a jacket with a hood on it). I got in line to board the train and usually, it takes a couple of minutes to wait for the passengers who have to get off at this stop to board off the train. I felt the droplets of rain land on my head as I peeked over the front of the line, hoping we would be able to board soon before I get soaking wet or worse, catch a cold. It wasn’t long before I noticed the raindrops stopped trickling down my hair. Confused, I turned around to see a beautifully aged elderly woman looking at me with the most gentle smile as half her umbrella hovered over my head. Immensely grateful, I say “thank you” and she returns the warmest and most genuine “you’re welcome” I’ve heard in such a long time. This past Wednesday morning I’ve experienced nothing but bad vibes all over social media due to the recent US Presidential results (my bad, probably shouldn’t have checked it early in my day!). My encounter with the elderly woman was the most uplifting experience I’ve had all morning. Other than the fact it was probably her grandmotherly instincts compelling her to share part of her umbrella with me, what touched me the most was that this random act of kindness was from a complete stranger—as I was to her. It’s so disheartening to see that so many people can express so much negativity not just towards the results but to other people, especially since most of the individuals I follow or are friends with are from communities who advocate for peace and love. Don’t let this cause division and instead, promote togetherness. We all have the ability to treat each other with respect and kindness—having a new president, especially if he wasn’t your preference, should not have power or control over that. Without knowing who I was or what I stand for, she treated me with kindness and she reminded me to do the same for anyone else. Share kindness without the presence of judgement and presumptions and I promise you, it will be much more powerful than any political decision.