Living With No Furniture

It’s been one or two months now since my family and I have been living in our home without furniture.

…Wait what? No furniture?!
Yep. No furniture.

Let me explain…

We have been planning to move houses for the longest time now, near the end of the last spring semester actually. We completely underestimated the amount of work that goes into moving, the last time we moved houses was about 15 years ago! With that being said, it took a long time—and I do mean a long time—to get our house clear and cleaned. A few months actually (don’t ask).

But now, we’ve been stuck with an almost completely empty home. Not only that, every other day, we have to clean and leave the house for a few hours or so when the realtor calls us and says someone made an appointment to view our home.

It’s not the absolute best and comfortable way of living. In fact, I get so frustrated with it sometimes. It’s so hard to do homework without a desk or chair (also why I spend a lot of time at our local Panera doing homework haha)! But then that’s when I realized…

“Wow we take our homes and furniture for granted.”

I felt a little disappointed with myself after that realization. This is only a temporary way of living for me, some people have live like this for the rest of their lives.

No bed? No couch? No desk? No chairs? No dining table?

“Oh suck it up Chloe,” I told myself.

Kind of like how water is to fish, that’s when I realized how furniture is like to me. I got so used to it that I expected to come home to it every day when in reality, it’s a privilege. A luxury.

Yes we will probably be living like this for a while longer until someone decides to buy our home. But, when we do get a new house and I’m sitting on that couch reading, doing homework on that sturdy desk, or sleeping on that warm, soft, and cozy bed, I definitely will appreciate it more because I know not everyone on this earth is as lucky as I am.