It was in 6th grade that I made my very first “creative outlet” online account. Drawing and reading, my hobbies at the time, introduced me to many artists, writers, and creators who inspired me to explore my creativity and start my own collection of works that I would share with the online world. Looking back, I’ve gone through a lot of accounts as a means of artistic expression: Scratch, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram (just to name a few of the major ones) and today, I’ve finally made one of my goals as a child into reality—I finally bought my own domain and heck yeah I’m now going to start my very own official blog!

My first experience with expressive creation was with a program and website that allowed kids to create animations, games, and art, and making it come to life through simple block-by-block programming. Yes, you guessed it (as you probably grew up with it as well)—the one and only Scratch program.

As a 12 year-old girl, I discovered I loved creating and sharing my works, whether it was art or writing, especially after seeing how people would actually view and enjoy them (well, at least that’s what I’d like to think). Throughout the years, new websites would be created, I would make an account, unfortunately forgetting about the previous one, and I start again from there. I would provide the links to my past accounts, but considering the fact that I was that typical anime/Japanese culture obsessed girl back then, I will save myself from the embarrassment and not (unless you already know what they are, good for you!).

The closest thing I had to a blog was my Tumblr account back in 2010. I initially created it for online journaling purposes, but somehow it ended up being one of those doodle-art blogs that got me into providing a visual with my written posts. Two years later, I used Instagram as another “blogging” platform. I wrote super long captions and I was most likely one of those users who annoyed everyone with it as I posted almost everyday (sometimes more than 1 post a day xD). I was also  probably the cause of why IG made the “more” button on the newsfeed if a post’s captions were too long…haha (I’m totally kidding…kinda). It’s now 2016 and considering I’m a lot more experienced with this whole “blogging” thing, I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to make it official.

What can I do~ I absolutely love writing and taking photos and capturing life moments. Unlike my sister who does an amazing job with journaling (physically on pen and paper), I suck at it. So, here goes my attempt to start a digital one and hopefully, I’ll keep it alive to look back to in the future and give those who read it something to think, smile, or laugh about.

So, welcome to kurroe.com! Feel free to come back and visit any time… hopefully, I’ll have something new up for you soon 🙂