What I Learned About Love and Relationships While in College

Funny how when you think “love and relationships” in college you automatically presume romantic relationships. I mean I get it, I can totally understand why. But I guess in a way, that’s also where the issue lies. There’s a lot of focus on romantic relationships in college that it becomes easy to dismiss the love and relationships you have, or you will have, between friends and family.
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What I Learned as a Full-Time Student and Worker In College

In the last two years of undergraduate school, I had a set schedule most of my weekdays. My life was very routine-like at this point as I was pushed into the adult world a little earlier than most, working “that” 9-5 office job.
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What I Learned About College Majors

The crazy thing about after high school is you start to witness the dispersion of everyone pursuing the field they intend to specialize in. As much as I wish it would’ve been an effortless decision to go into the medical field after high school, something I’m sure my parents back then preferred, I knew it wasn’t my forté. I didn’t have the motivation nor dedication and I knew I would’ve been dreading the whole experience, wasting both my time and money. Read More

Loving Someone

A while back, I was having a conversation with a friend on “how” you “fall in love” with someone. If you’re anyone like me, growing up being told to “guard your heart” can make it really confusing to “love” someone when you’re dating—after all, how can you “guard” your heart if part of loving someone is to show vulnerability? Read More

January 2018

I told myself I wanted to try to post more on this blog of mine this year—at least once a month. It’s the last day of January, and hey, I guess I’ll be able to stick to it!

*weak chuckle*

Haha, anyway. In all seriousness (not that this is a serious post or anything), I just wanted to leave this little blurb here to reflect on my first month of 2018.

And let me tell you, it was spectacular.

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Finding a Goldmine

Last year, I went on an alternative winter break to volunteer for the homeless in the city which I can honestly say has contributed to my habit of remembering to be grateful for what I have. Right now we’re getting our upstairs full bathroom redone (we never got to move last year so we decided to just work on the house right now little by little—but that’s another story for another time!) so we currently only have a half bathroom at home. Read More

The Last 12

Today, I signed up for my last 12 undergraduate credits: Trends and Practical Applications in Information Systems Management…and then German I and Italian I 😂 I had room for two electives and I thought those two may be helpful down the road 😉 Read More

The Little Victories

I’ve been working since I was about 16 years old. From high school through community college, I worked at a local bakery (which was actually the first paying job I got!). Soon after I got my associate’s degree, I worked a tech support internship for about half a year. Now, on my last year as an undergrad, I work full-time as a project analyst.  Read More

I Grew Up Without Insecurities

I don’t know why or how, but I grew up without insecurities and the need to “fit in.” This is by no means my way of trying to toot my own horn, I’m just being honest. And trust me, it’s not like I have anything to boast about when I was younger either. Read More

When the Line is Too Long

My sister and I went to a local bakery the other day after finding out about their special shaved-ice dessert. While we were in line to order, a small woman behind us started a conversation with us… Read More